Yellowish/ Light Green Leaves

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Classicalboy57, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Classicalboy57

    Classicalboy57 Registered+

    Moving into week 3, using soil, w/ 400HPS, Orange Bud, They look pretty healthy except there a little light in color, ALMOST yellow-ish. The leaves that is. I was reading about nutrients and couldnt pinpoint anything right off
  2. Classicalboy57

    Classicalboy57 Registered+

    Actually, the very tiny little leaves on the very bottom of the plants, the first section that sprouts, those are a little yellowish and dry looking, the rest is fine... for now.
  3. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    those fall off.
  4. marijuanamat

    marijuanamat Registered+

    you need nitrogen,get a balanced fert like a NPK 10,10,10 or somthing simalar.
  5. Classicalboy57

    Classicalboy57 Registered+

    Oh those fall off!? Ahh, thank god... :) YEah i'll look into that NPK stuff. Its just like vitimans and things?
  6. Classicalboy57

    Classicalboy57 Registered+

    just went to the store and purchased bat guano for nitrogren to green up the leaves.
  7. ThaNemesis333

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    I dont believe its the nitrogen you need to worry about. usually yellow leaves come from to much ph. water your plants with no chemicals for a couple of days. be sure to leave the water outside in a bucket or something for 24 hours prior to watering. They will fall off though but that doesnt mean your plant isnt trying to tell you something.
  8. Classicalboy57

    Classicalboy57 Registered+

    I havent used any chemicals yet, I do let the water sit for overnight. The PH might be a hair high, I'll check it today. I bought some Bat Guano or whatever its called :) it's 10-2-2 lots of nitrogen. We'll see I guess...

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