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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Alejo, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Alejo

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    I was reading up on some strains (thinking about growing in the future - once I get my own house) and I saw these statistics for Northern Lights.

    Does this mean each plant yields 17.5 ounces of dried bud? Does it mean that all twenty seeds will produce that much? Does it mean that the plant will weigh that much? I'm a bit confused - thanks.
  2. Delta9Haze420

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    These figures are just a *representation* of what you MAY expect from the product, not a guarantee in any way. Notice the units of measurement. This does not show 17.5 ounces *per plant* - it shows it in relation to yield per m^2 (meters square - ie Sea Of Green). If you tightly pack plants into a 1 m^2 area and grow SOG properly, this is an approximation of what the total yield will be from all the plants combined. Keep in mind however, some plants will be male and need to be discarded, and many times you can't start a SOG from seeds very efficiently. SOG is much easier to set up from clones. If you grow your first generation seeds to maturity, hack the males, then clone the females - the clones, when arranged in a 1 m^2 SOG setup, will (according to the distributor's info) yield around 17-18 ounces in combined dry weight.

    Per plant, an average yield from any given strain is nowhere NEAR 17 *ounces*. A single plant may yield around 1 once on average, or 15-45 *grams* total - depending on if it is small or large when it is harvested, and if it was LSTed, FIMed, etc. Another major factor is strain when it comes to yield (sativas tend to yield slightly less than indicas, but not always). If you can pull 20-30 grams (around an ounce) from a single plant, this is considered a decent yield and respectable.

    I hope this helps, and doesn't confuse you more than you already were. If so, let me know and I will try to better explain, and there are many others around here who will be more than happy to assist as well :). Happy Growing!

    *NOTE - "yield" is equal to the dry weight of the *buds* and/or "usable product" *after* harvesting, drying, and curing.
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  3. Forwhat420

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    the plant will yield this much if you are a seasoned grower with a lot of patience. Usually in per m/2 is like close to a 4x4 foot area. (i think atleast) im know math major... Total vegging time of a plant this type would require about 2 to 2.5 months vegging time. Of course this depends on vigor. also you would probably have to start in 2 gallon pot and transpot 5 then to 10 right before flower. you may want to consider a scrog or low stress training. and at least 600 watts (hps recommened) of light to flower. if you have a few grows under your belt you could probably achieve this. other wise i would buy the seeds. grow a batch and select a few mothers to clone from. succesfully clone a few then put the mothers into flower in the meantime. grow your clones and repeat the process.
  4. Forwhat420

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    also inside or out? a thousand watts would be easier to acheive this too..
  5. grandfallsp

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  6. the image reaper

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    no, a very experienced grower with one helluva great setup 'might' get that, depending on strain ... don't believe everything you read, keep in mind, those 'strain descriptions' by the breeders are ADVERTISING, nothing more ... while an outdoor plant may yield a pound, the same plant in a typical indoor setup, likely only pulls a couple ounces ... one grower here, 'xcrispi', gets astounding yields, but he's the exception, not the rule ... :smokin:
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  7. highallthetime

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    it is per meter square , meaning that all the plants in a meter will yoield that
  8. Alejo

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    So basically, from a pack of ten seeds, if half are female, I should expect about a 5 ounce yield on average?
  9. Opie Yutts

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    Those yields in the seed descriptions are for a best case scenario. Think of it kinda like automobile sellers. They told me my Scion xb would get 34 miles per gallon. Well this is with the windows rolled up, a 90 lb. driver, no passengers or cargo, all systems working perfectly, tire pressure to maximum, and a mild tail wind. In reality I probably could get 34 mpg, but I would have to do a lot of tinkering and maintenance, and find the perfect conditions. I also would have to be an expert. Since that stuff aint going to happen, I get 28 miles per gallon.

    Same deal with seed sellers. You have to be an expert, and have all the conditions perfect to get the suggested yield.

    And it's been my experience that usually a little more than half turn out to be female. More like 3/4. Don't expect 100% survival either, but you just might be able to make that happen.

    And please allow me to be blunt. You are thinking a bit too much about the wrong things for a first grow. If you end up with any weed, you did good and reached the goal. Don't care about the yield so much. Just aim for a first time success. Think about things like the physical grow area, PH, nutrients, ventilation, lighting, odor control, and stealth issues. "How to" stuff, not "what will I get" stuff. But hey, that's just me.
  10. cesarhorta

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    i totally agree with him, grow is about fun, relax and watch this beautyfull plants grow and learn with them. and in the end if you have some good weed made by you is something i cant explain the felling, I LOVE TO GROW.
  11. Alejo

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    Well I was just curious about how much it is versus buying it from someone else. Seeds can be pretty pricey, plus the cost of maintainance... just wanted to make sure the yield was worth the cost.
  12. Forwhat420

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    its always worth it
  13. ProGroWannabe

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    Waaaaaaaaaaay worth it! Not even a question there bro!
  14. Opie Yutts

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    Worth it? is free weed worth it? Of course it's not actually free if you count the start up cost and the time spent. But if you do things right, you'll end up with way more weed in one or two grows than if you would just buy the weed for the price of start up. Anyway it's really fun. Like cesarhorta says you can't imagine the feeling you get when you see all the weed hanging up or laying out to dry. Or the feeling you get when you come across an aggravating problem, but eventually get it figured out. And of course the feeling you get when you get it all manicured and wieghed, and see it sitting there in a pile, and go wow, if I were to buy that it would cost me $1,000. Or something. Or the feeling you geet when the thc hits your brain.

    You just sit back and go, wow I did this. Of course with a little help from boards.cannabis.com.
  15. Delta9Haze420

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    These comments are by far my favorite things about growing. It is a process of ups, downs, turns, and emotions - the different stages of growth, nurturing the girls, deciding when to harvest, etc etc... All these things, and the care you put into it make it a very enjoyable and satisfying thing to do. To me, growing is at least half the fun of enjoying the herb. Anyone can buy it, but I would rather have the fun watching them grow up and then yielding a small portion than buying some for the same price for a quick fix. Of course I would rather yield on the above average range, but my point is I would be far happier with 1 ounce of nice, homegrown and cared for kind (that I was able to nurture), than a QP of anything from a dealer...
  16. Alejo

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    No I totally agree with you guys. I've never grown but I'd imagine the process is pretty fun and fulfilling. Also would be a nice money saver and a cool little hobby. I'm probably doing too much research too early, could be another two years before I move out of the dorms here.
  17. cesarhorta

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    go fo it, its always worth the experience, and i promise you that if you like the first grow, you gonna love the next grows and it turns like one adicct to grow marijuana plants.
    happy grow and good luck.
  18. ProGroWannabe

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    Never too early for research my friend:thumbsup:. There's a good number of folks on here that research very little. They post an @ss-load of questions, then wait for responses. If they'd just do a few searches, they'd get their answers far sooner.

    If your researching now, you'll be way ahead of the game when your time comes. There is a huge difference between getting a plant to the point of harvest, and getting a heavy harvest. The latter requires a lot of learning, patience, dialing in your grow environment, a decent monetary investment, and some real work(to get started). With all that said....it is so ADDICTIVE growing your own.
    I'm rambling now....sorry. Good Luck!
  19. HighTillIDie

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    lol expect one ounce per plant...

    if i fuck up
  20. ProGroWannabe

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    lol---yeah right! You spend too much time on here to get one oz per plant. You'll get at least 1.2 oz's.:D

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