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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Havien, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Havien

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    Hey all, I've already topped my white widow plant, my question is how long should I veg for to make sure assuming all goes to plan (I understand many factors effect yield), that I get atleast a couple O's dry. This picture is day 38 from sprouting. 250 watt lightning, fox farm nutes and soil. And also with about 4 1/2 ft hieght (in order to stay away from lighting), even with topping, what would be roughly ball park the max length of time I would want to veg. (Never grown this strain before and my growing exp level is definetly novice lol).

    Any input is appreciated,


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  2. superskunk1

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    I cant tell you how much you will yeild, but if i were you i would fill out the troubleshooting form just so others can use that info to give an educated guess.

    Certain factors are important such as the size of the space that you have the plant and that 250w setup.

    Good luck
  3. WashougalWonder

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    White Widow, depending on the specific genotype matures in 52 or so days. I find in that length of time, the plant usually doubles height in the flower room.

    I would consider a much higher wattage lamp for flowering.
  4. Havien

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    Thanks for the info, exactly what i was looking for, because i heard many people say it could double or triple hieght, and wanted to make sure i switched it over at atleast around the right time, ordered a 400 watt hps balast with mh conversion bulb + maxring reflextor + the growbright bulbs (suppose to be > then standard) from htg. Upgrade from 27k to 50k, hopefully thats enough =).

    Thanks again
  5. budsndrums

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    Yeah watch out, my WW over-tripled in height and now I have three four-foot PK's and one five 1/2 foot WW! Had to bend him a little rather than trying to put the others on stands to even them out for light ;)
  6. locomark

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    Well Havien,

    So what pot size are you working with? You see if you want weight then you want a large roots area. You feeling me?

    So "about 4 1/2 ft hieght" with a 250? Don't sound good to me maybe if you already had that 400 in place could you see something of substance from the widow. But your still play growing instead of talking a 1000 where your efforts will really be worth your time. You still feeling me?

    Ask anyone who knows that it is a high potency low yielding world renown stain. But you should already know this if you did your research as I assume you did. If you want to waste your time then keep thinking that at 400 will satisfy your thirst as well. It will only tease you since the widow will produce a low but potent yield. You will be out before the next harvest is due considering how many of your friends will want to drop by for a hit or two. The word gets out quick when you have smoke of this caliber trust and believe.

    But what do I know?
  7. moody420

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    are you saying that plant in the picture is 4 1/2'? hmmmm...seems to look alot smaller.

    I would definately think about getting a better light. 250 is pretty weak by most indoor standards. It looks healthy...the leaves are a nice green color. Also, if you topped it already than you should be switching into flowering.

    I'm about 3 weeks into flowering some WW and they are still growing but mostly focusing on budding. I doubt you will double or even triple in height. It will continue growing, but not that much. The plant puts its efforts towards producing flowers once 12/12 is introduced.

    anyways....looks good, i'm curious to see how you do...good luck, man! :jointsmile:
  8. moody420

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    oh, i meant to add that the size of your pots will make a huge difference on how tall they grow...

    and Loco...you are so right about friends coming out of the woodworks....seems everyone knows when you harvest! But then again, it is a great time! :jointsmile:
  9. WashougalWonder

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    Sometimes if it overgrows I sorta kink the top cola stems and let them grow sideways.
  10. Havien

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    Just giving an update on how my widow is doing so far, btw loco 3 gallon containers. and when you say 1000, do ya mean 1000 watt lighting instead of my 400. I was thinking of putting two 400 watt lights in my flower tent, and use a 400 for veg as well. Also i upgraded my set up a tad, so hieght / heat isnt an issue anymore (also upgraded to a cool tube like reflector w/ high flow 6" fan). Anyway heres the updated pics, this is 1 week after changing light cycle to 12/12. Let me know what ya think =)

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  11. Phunnyman

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    Very nice looking, how long did you veg them? I have five of the same in veg right now, started lsting and topping them, about 3 weeks old in 4 gallon pots. any problems with yours?
  12. esc420pot

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    how many plants you growing and how big is the area your growing in? And 1000 watt? isnt that to much?? i thought 1000 watts would be more for a bigger area with a bunch of plants, not just 1 or 2.... so do yall say 1000 watt even if its just a cuple of plants?? Thanks
  13. bigtopsfinn

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    Havian - your WW looks great, don't change a thing! :thumbsup: (except maybe look into transplanting into a 4 or 5 gal container in a week or two)

    1000w for 1 or 2 plants is a bit overkill :wtf: Of course you can grow some huge trees with a 1K, but you'll need to veg longer, you'll need very large containers, and you'll need to deal with all the extra heat in some way.

    Granted, this ^^ info is assuming you're filling up the space covered by the light. With the right reflector a 400w will cover a 3ft. x 3ft. area. 4 plants, and about 2oz. each, 3-4 months from start to finish, you can do the math :D

    Happy growing :jointsmile:
  14. esc420pot

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    1000w for 1 or 2 plants is a bit overkill :wtf: Of course you can grow some huge trees with a 1K, but you'll need to veg longer, you'll need very large containers, and you'll need to deal with all the extra heat in some way.

    ya thats what i thought thanks.
  15. eddie13

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    Loco is absolutally right, if you want to see full potential (yield and quality of smoke ), than put at least one 1000 watt MH light. and mayby 5 gallon pots...

    Looking good, but dont waste time. get 1K

  16. Havien

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    Update, first off upgraded set up slightly again, 160k lumens on the widow now, 600 watt and 400 watt hps. Transplanted to 5 gallon pot, thats about it for now, considering co2 next grow, 4 weeks old.

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