Yo what the fuck type of test does probation use?

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  1. Probation in Newjersey....I'm so tired of flushing every fucking week... If I could use like bleech or soap scum on my fingers instead it would be fuckin godam...I've tried to find out,its kinda coveted info... huge dudes later
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  2. plenty heavy on the herb

    I went to probation high as hell,They didnt test me again ,for the forth week in a row now, I flushed and did some centro fruit pection I was thinking maybe some bleach on my fingers BUT.. it didnt matter
    I was uncomfortable from drinking all that shit,all god damn day for nothing.... then blazed a buncha joints an a pizzipe, yeah I'm saying fuck that...I'll hollar if this shit does ever work tho.......one
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    Alright and they call it a urine anaylsis, not drug test. Are they testing for just marijuana or all drugs?
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    get someone to piss for u...works for me everytime

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