you CAN smoke stems!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Adam01, May 26, 2006.

  1. Adam01

    Adam01 Registered+

    You can smoke stems and get high. Proof? I just smoked a bowl of stems (tasted like salvia. basically, like smoking crap.) Anyway, I was saving them up for some tea, but I decided to do an experiment for YOU the people. Result? I am quite stoned. So there. By the way, these were clean stems, no bud or leaf fragments left. Anyone else ever tried this?
  2. welshkillabee

    welshkillabee Registered+

    Never tried it myself
  3. yzstoned

    yzstoned Registered+

    yo kno i might jus try that i have an ass load of stems like maybe between an 8th and quarter of stems nd every1 by me is fucking dry!!!
  4. K.Kush

    K.Kush Registered

    ..Honey Oil..
  5. PushaSimp

    PushaSimp Registered

    yeah my roomate use to smoke stems when he had no other option and he said it worked
  6. fatweedsack

    fatweedsack Registered+

    yeah usually i see crystals all over the stems. summer just started yesterday so ill be getting back to being high all the time now.:pimp:
  7. Gothen

    Gothen Banned

    Stems can get you high, its just that not as much THC is in the stems as is the regular buds. The only problem I've found with getting high off stems is that I get a light headache afterwards, and it tastes like I'm smoking a campfire. So, thats why I don't do it. One time I had about an ounce of stems, grinded ALLLLL of them up in a coffee grinder and then packed that into a bowl, it got me pretty buzzed, but the taste was such a turn off that I just threw the rest of the stems away..................and got out my tools to start gettin resin from my baby!

    .............only to give up 10 minutes later and lay in my bed moderately high, HA! God, I'm such a lazy fuck. lol
  8. Adam01

    Adam01 Registered+

    I just don't understand why people wouldn't smoke every part of the plant if it gets them high. It's like hard liquor. I hate the taste of it straight up, but shots get you drunk don't they?
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  9. msactech1

    msactech1 Banned

    I just cut my buds up with sizzorz. I only pick out the big stems and cut the little stems up in little tiny pieces with my bud so I don't end up with a bunch of raunchy harsh stems. I flush that shit down the toilet.
  10. Gothen

    Gothen Banned

    Well, the buzz is different. Its not as...strong? I guess is the word, you can tell you're high, but its a lot different. It doesn't hit you as hard, and the high went away, for me, completely in about 45 minutes.
    It just wasn't enough for me to keep smoking stems, especially when there is HERB to be found in the world!!
  11. spk

    spk Registered

    of course you can smoke stems.. I took a bunch of them I had and grinded them up, tasted like shit and I got a headache. obviously stems have some thc, so yeah, you're gonna feel a buzz but It's not going to be a good one. everyone knows that already.
  12. yzstoned

    yzstoned Registered+

    wasnt anything amazing felt it a lil but the stems were mad old nd i ended up geting bud an hour later so it was all good
  13. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    Stems can deffinetly get you a decent high.

    They just taste really bad, and its something I would never do unless I was really desperate to get high and I had no bud.
  14. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    yea, i usaly just put my steams in my chamber pipes, and get them resinated, so i dont have to scrape my pipe when i first run dry, and just smoke on at a time, and they usaly have enfu resin to get me high off of one or 2 hits.
  15. RevolverBlaze

    RevolverBlaze Registered+

    Thats a pretty sweet idea actually, let the resin collect on your stems.
  16. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    It sounds like a pretty...insane thing to do, I never smoked stems before and well..I cant say it isnt worth a try but I rather just save the smoke from entering in my lungs for a bunch of burning stems that probably wont do tolerance is already too high from smokin like every fuckin day, so I dont think stems will have much (if any) effect on me :p.
  17. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    im like an indian. i dont waste any bit of the weed. the good seeds, i save to grow with later. the dead seeds i smoke, the thin stems i smoke along with the bud. and the big stems i have many different things i do with them. i either disolve them in my alchoal, save them to chew as toothpicks in school, smoke them, or i put them in any sort of drink just to add some flavor.
  18. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Now those are some good ideas, I serious might try those.
  19. IIG

    IIG Registered+

    I'm a stem smoker... But I'm broke also, so there you go.
  20. Carbon

    Carbon Registered

    You can, but why would you? Unless you're desperate - which happens.

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