you CAN smoke stems!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Adam01, May 26, 2006.

  1. deranged toker

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    never smoke stems unless you want you penis to fall off.
  2. Jamescase10

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    sounds nasty. But if desperation calls....
  3. PotHeed420

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    wow i just smoked stems and found this and yes it does get you high
  4. kid rediculous

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    one of my friends swears smoking stems gets you high but i dont know... i mean when im smoking a bowl i just smoke the smaller stems with the weed but but the bigget stems i just chew on for the flavor. i never smoked a bowl of just stems. i would imagine that the "high" you get from smoking stems doesnt equal the amount of harmful stuff entering your lungs.
  5. Pride

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    Don't smoke seeds.
    Recent studies in Bhutan as proven that weed seeds makes your ass smaller.

    Don't ask.
    Friend of mine told me.
  6. MadtownSassy

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    Disclaimer: This comment isn't really directed at any of you on this board, I am actually delighted at the amount of chill ass people on this forum, secondly for those of you grammar nazis out there, I don't have any idea if my grammar is perfect, I just do my best.

    This is one of the best comments I have ever read. I am genuinely stoned on stems right now. If you are the severely health conscious type, you have a million valid points as to why you don't smoke stems/resin, but if you are like myself and you just need to get high; smoking whatever you have is the way to go. Stems will indeed get you slammed if you have a few. To those of you that argue "it is bad for you", so is breathing in any type of smoke. Our body's natural reaction to an area filled up with smoke is to run, but we modern civilians know the benefits of inhaling certain types of smoke. So we do. Daily.

    I see people all over the internet judging the way other people smoke weed. Whether it be the elitists saying "Well I never run out so I would never smoke stems or resin", or the health nuts saying "there is way too much tar and other chemicals that I googled the other night to smoke stems.", WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!

    In conclusion, if you only smoke weed or resin or stems or seeds, you are my ally. If you only smoke while standing on your head balancing plates on your toes because "it gets you higher", you are my ally. I love weed and if you smoke it daily, I love you. So stop looking down at others because they don't smoke the way you do. It's weird.
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  7. __TokinPanda__

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    You, person of the internet, are the reason I signed up in this magical site!

    So I was reading through this forum about smoking steams, because recently I have noticed that every time I pack the bowl on my small bong (perhaps a bubbler, if that's how you spell it. And no I am not new I've been at this for a while. I'm just the only MaryJane enthusiast in my group and have small exposure) Right, so every time I pack it, the hit I get leaves me basically HEAVINGGG! GASPING FOR AIR ! Seriously! When it normally was just a Walk In The Park. Soo I starting thinking back to what was different, I tried cleaning the bowl it's self and the pipe? Unclogged that, didn't help.
    Tried clearing the water, NOPE.
    Washing it with soap and water, Nada.
    I tried to smooth the hit with ice, ehhh okayy.
    WARM water.. Yeahh FU*K THAT. No ofense
    Then I thought back to the weed and noticed I had steams in there but honestly I feel like there's more bud then stems

    So then I read this persons concers hoping they were similar to mine, and later realized they werent, I went STRAIGHT to the comments.

    Even scrolled through "One the best comments you've ever read"
    and sincerely thinking that SAME FUCKING SHIT!! HAHAHAHA I even sat there and contemplated on the realNESS!

    And idk I guess I kept hoping that there would be some kind of recent post on ANYTHING, even REMOTELY related to the matter haha then it was sweet victory running into your response!

    In short and simple terms, you made me feel like I am not the only one.

    Thank you! :doublethumbs:


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