Your Best Drying and Curing Method ???

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by jaydee84, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. jaydee84

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    i was wondering whether to build a oblong type box/chest 2/3,ft long x 1ft wide 6inches high with lid an pc fan either side for air flow and just lay the buds on some news paper or simlar and let dry turning every so often

    i know ive like 7/10weeks or sumink just finking can start on it early and it be ready

  2. jaydee84

    jaydee84 Registered+

    any one got any ideas of Your own Drying and Curing Method ???

    and what do you think to my idea instead of hanging in the cupboard that i intend to start nxt grow in cheers ppls :thumbsup:
  3. cturner1984

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    this is something id like to no about aswell.
    ive done abit of reasearch,but theres so many different ways
    i dont want to build everything so i noticed this one

    room temp 20-21 celsius (using a oil filled radiator)
    humidity 25-35%
    place buds in a cardboard shoe box lid open with an oscilating fan just over them,checking and turning daily.
    then once 80-90% dry store quite lose in air tight glass jars releasing the air nd checking them every few hours if possible.
    so would this work? as after all my troubles i dont want to encounter mould
  4. jaydee84

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    yea the shoe box sounds ok still
    was thinking about building some think that i can slide under the bed out the way plug it in anf just leave it till ready

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