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    What are some of your earliest experiences with our beloved cannabis?

    I go back to my mid teens. Growing up in So Cal in the '60's, we used to go to Laguna Beach in the summer often.
    In the late '60's and early '70's, Laguna was to Orange County what Haight-Ashbury was to San Francisco.

    My sister was several years older than me and was a Laguna hippie in those days. She used to show me around and introduce me to her friends when I was 12-13. Didn't try pot that young. Few years later.

    There was an organization based there called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. For those unfamiliar, use that google thingy to learn about it sometime. Those older know of this "importing" outfit.

    Anyway, sis fell in love with a member of this group. He was very cool and brotherly to me.
    They ended up marrying in '73. He made a great brother in law. Introduced me to a lot of great music too.

    One thing about Mario is that he would be "out of town" for weeks at a time on occasion, and upon his return, he would have large amounts of cash and copious amounts of high quality marijuana. Hashish too from exotic locales like Lebanon, Nepal and Morocco.

    Back in the '70's, the finest bud was always named after it's location or origin. Mexican strains like Acapulco Gold, Lime Green Zacatecas and Oaxacan. Or central and South American varieties like Panamanian Red and of course the classic Gold and Red Columbian and many times Thai Sticks directly from Thailand.

    He taught me as a teen what it meant to be a connoisseur of fine herb.
    That would always remain with me. He would bring the best in the world then available around. Of course, there was always the low grade commercial Mexican for 10 bucks an ounce..

    Keep in mind, even the best of the best in those days maybe had THC levels of 10-12%.
    The 10 dollar Mexican maybe 2-3%.

    With today's advanced botany and decades of superb cross breeding and careful cultivation, we all know cannabis now has more than twice the potency of those classics of yesteryear. This is a good thing.

    But those old school strains have always held a special place for me.
    That's why to this day, most of the herb I grow is of those "location" varieties.
    I still have Acapulco and Columbian Gold in regular rotation as well as Thai. They are obviously not the true land race strains anymore, but modern genetic crosses that lean towards those originals. Higher potency too.

    Anyway, thanks for your indulgence. Tonight I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

    What are your earliest experiences with cannabis?
    Care to reminisce?

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