Your Favorite Songs to listen to when you're stoned?

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by PurpnCoke34, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. PurpnCoke34

    PurpnCoke34 Registered+

    Name some of your favorite songs to listen to when you're blazed. I figure this thread would help everyone make some killer mix CD's. Dosen't matter what kind of music, Rap, Techno, Rock, it dosen't matter...just name a few.

    for me Im gonna have to start off with some stuff Ive been listening to recently

    The Vines - Winning Days (the entire CD)
    Cypress Hill - Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up
    Basement Jaxx - Good Luck
    David Banner - Gangsta Walk
    Hawthorne Heights - Wake up call
    Kottonmouth kings - Blunt Tokin Alcholics
    Young Jeezy - So Icy (screwed and chopped)
    T.I. and PSC - Sum Fools

    thats just a few I saw on my playlist... what do yall think?
  2. tokeyoursmoke

    tokeyoursmoke Registered+

    Cypress hill hit from a bong-Dr.greenthumb
    bob dylan
    KMK-420-bong tokin acoholiC
    OPM-album ForThemAsses
  3. Climbing High

    Climbing High Registered+

    My favorite sonf when i'm high is "the man in me" by Bob Dylan. it's so relaxing and trippy and shit, i recomend that everyone here downloads that song, gets stoned, and then listens to it. peace
  4. The Piper

    The Piper Registered+

    Pink Floyd-Have a cigar
    Kottonmoulth Kings-Tangerine Sky
    Led Zeppelin-Dazed and confused
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  5. Omun

    Omun Registered+

    gangstarr - playtawin (the whole album is great, thats just my fav track on it)
  6. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

  7. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    I'm trying to make a 420 mix cd. Tracks nothin about blazin up and shit. When i get 80mins worth i'll post the tracklistin. Oh and if anyone can reccomend some good stuff lemme know :D I got some twiztid, bio killaz, 3 six mafia, sublime, and temple rain. aslo the kermit the frog and the what if god smoked cannbis tracks :D
  8. Mexicanhomeboy

    Mexicanhomeboy Registered+

    sublime and 311 are so great wen yur stoned, by 311 flowing is the best
  9. XxInTheAirxX

    XxInTheAirxX Registered+

    kottenmouth kings
    slipknot (only when i am in a bad mood and im smokin)
  10. Sensi Super Skunk

    Sensi Super Skunk Registered+

    Dr. Dre
    KottonMouth Kings
    Snoop Dogg
    Juelz Santana: Back Like Cooked Crack
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  11. LiveFastDieYoung

    LiveFastDieYoung Registered

    Jefferson Airoplane,
    Oasis (brill)
    My fave bands , to the max
  12. PurplePotatoes

    PurplePotatoes Registered+

  13. Sensi Super Skunk

    Sensi Super Skunk Registered+

    Yeah, those too.
  14. austinpowers

    austinpowers Registered+

    My favorite album to listen to when on any drug (especially psycadellics) is Alien Dreamtime with Terence McKenna, you should deffinately check it out, it has spacetime continuum doing a psycadellic techno sort of background, a didgeridoo, and Terence talks about his ideas and experiences, it is a truly great CD for the enhancement of any experience. :p
  15. stifliwmj420

    stifliwmj420 Registered

    prodigy - exhale (real trippy)

    also anything from sublime
  16. ludacris420

    ludacris420 Registered+

    outkast is always good too
  17. lol! i used to listen to slipknot when i was going to sleep.

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  18. Registered+

    I smoke to the blues. BB King, Eric Clapton, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jonny Lang, Jimi Hendrix... etc..
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  19. danielLOSERFACE

    danielLOSERFACE Registered

    wow, i listen to totally different shit than yall.
    heres some of the best shit baked.
    1. !!!
    2. the FAINT
    3. coheed and cambria - blood red summer is the best song ever
    4. the polyphonic spree
    i have lots of other but, theyre not too amazing baked.
  20. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Who remembers this song :)

    One toke over the line sweet jesus
    One toke over the line
    Sitting downtown at a railway station
    one toke over the line
    Waiting for the train to go smoke sweet mary
    I hope to god the train is on time
    sitting downtown at a railway station
    One toke over the line.

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