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    Anybody listen to music on youtube? They actually have a paid service for it. -That sucks because if you don't pay $10 month, your basically screwed trying to listen to it on a cell phone.

    That being said, the audio quality sucks. Sure they have 50,000,000 tracks, but the audio is terrible.

    It's harder to notice if your listening to modern music, but if your listening to classical music, it's extremely apparent.

    I have been listening to classical music on Youtube and was thinking that classical music quality wasn't as good as I remembered it, comparing it to more modern music. -Playing on a reference level home theater by the way.

    Edit: almost forgot: you can't cast music videos from Tidal on your cell phone to your home theater: it only casts audio. That's another reason I wasn't too fond of Tidal in it's current form.

    My blu-ray player has a channel for the Berlin Orchestra if I recall. It's a paid service, but it randomly plays snippets of classical music if you don't have a subscription. -When I say snippets, I mean just enough to pique your interest. After a few minutes it goes to the subscription page with no music.

    But anyway, I clicked on it out of curiosity and I floored by the audio quality. especially after just listening to Mozart on Youtube.

    I'm guessing that the Berlin Orchestra channel is lossless audio. Tidal has true lossless audio, but sucks trying to stream it to my home theater. An HTPC is on my bucket list, but keeps getting pushed to the bottom. Obviously having a PC connected directly to my A/V receiver would sold a ton of streaming issues.

    I'm using Spotify at the moment. Spotify and Tidal both have issues streaming to my home theater. Not with the music itself, but rather how they interface with it. Ultimately I decided the rather minimalist Roku interface with Spotify was slightly better than casting Tidal to my home theater through my smart phone.

    Someday I'll get an HTPC and that will solve all my problems. Then it would actually make sense for me to pay $20 a month for Tidal lossless true HD quality music streaming. Unless your pumping lossless audio to a reference level audio system, it makes little sense to pay $20 a month for a music streaming service. The difference between 320k and over 1000k audio is negligible on ordinary speakers and on mobile device it's barely noticable. Tidal will stream its lossless HD over your mobile phone if your connected to Wi-Fi. But unless your casting it to a home theater, it wouldn't make any difference at all on a phone's tiny speaker. I did get like 90 days of Tidal free. That was a bonus for owners of some equipment. I happen to have an Oppo blu-ray player, but I guess Tidal did those free introductory subscriptions for a bunch of different brands.

    Sadly, considering how Tidal casts from my cell phone to my blu-ray player, you'd think their desktop app would have an uPnP/DLNA renderer option. That would just cast audio straight to a DLNA compatible device hooked up to your home network, which would probably include just about any blu ray or DVD player made in the last few years and many other types of devices.

    Anyway, I thought I'd just throw this out in the wind, since even stoned, one aught to listen to good sounding music.

    I want to mention that many people are requesting that Spotify get uPnP/DLNA support, but so far they haven't committed to saying they're working on it. At best Spotify developers said they'd bump the topic to "we're looking into it", but that was a while ago. I sifted through several pages out of 30+ pages of posts to find that nugget of information.

    Edit: you can't cast videos from Tidal to your TV either, another nail in it's coffin.
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    As we amuse ourselves to death. :)
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    I just cancelled my satellite radio account...:cool:
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    I got to clicking links about audio quality between 320k and 1444k or whatever lossless is recorded at. In one youtube video, a guy was asking the viewer to try and decide if one audio clip was 320k or 1444k audio.
    I kinda laughed at that since Youtube audio is compresses when you upload it. Standard def audio on Youtube is 128k and high def audio is still only 192k. You get 192k audio with 720p and 1080p video.

    That makes their pay to play Youtube Music even more laughable.
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    My son plays music from his phone while in the shower. To me, that little speaker is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
    I hope he ain't payin' for that. :D

    Audiophiles like yourself are in the minority. :(
    All the vast majority cares about is a bumpin' beat and their favorite artist, in an overproduced slurry of sound. :p

    Way back in the old days, when vinyl was king. I dropped a pretty sizable chunk of change on a dynamic range expander, to deal with the compression issues. Everything sounded sooo much better, to me.
    My friends gave me all kinds of shit. Saying I spent a shitload of money on a box, with meters that go up and down, that did nothing... <sigh> Barbarians!
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    Out of curiosity, I played Spotify on my cell phone at normal quality, then extreme quality, and I couldn't tell the difference.
    On spotify, the mobile app three quality settings: Normal at 96kb, High at 160kb, and Extreme at 320kbr
    But on the desktop they just have normal and high. Normal is 160kb and high is 320kb.

    Here's the link: Spotify streaming bitrates.

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