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    I needed to replace the steering gear and hex bearing on my cub cadet. I had to fix it myself because it would have cost $150+ (including $50 for pickup and delivery), for all of $10.90 worth of parts, and the repair shops are all backed up at least a month for repairs. One shop had it's calendar filled for 6 weeks out.

    The guy on the youtube video did it in under 10 min. He did mention he pre-loosened the stuff to save time. Even then he made it look easy.

    It took me and a friend nearly four hours to fix it.

    Let's see:

    45 min trying to figure out how to lift the riding lawnmower. I actually talked to Cub Cadet trying to find a jack point. -Those don't exist. The technician said he just tells everybody to take it in to a service center.
    We finally decided to use a couple large wood planks and sturdy chairs, and chock blocks. One doesn't actually need to go under the lawnmower like fixing a car. So worst case scenario would be an arm pinned under it.

    Taking off the nut: really fast.
    Taking off the gear: about another 45 min or longer. The entire time trying to find a pair of pliers. A previous tenent had the habit of borrowing tools, then either doen't return them, or randomly put it in some random box in the storage area.

    Extracting the worn out hex bearing: way too long. On the video, the guy does it in seconds with the help of a magnet on a snake. It wasn't until 20 after unsuccessfully trying to get the new hex bearing in that it dawned on me there was 10 years of dirt built up inside. I spent 10 minutes trying get the worst of it out anyway.

    Ok, this is the trick: The guy on the youtube video spent a few seconds using the snake magnet to drop the hex bearing perfectly in place. REALITY: there's a belt under the tractor and the snake magnet is not going to push the hex bearing or itself past that. Took me and my tiny fingers a spell to get the hex bearing past the belt. I was able, after some finagling, to thread the magnet through the hole where the hex bearing goes to grab the hex bearing. That just left me trying to figure out how center the hex bearing and get it to drop neatly in place. After 30 fruitless minutes, I got my dental pick and that did the trick in a few seconds.

    It took forever to get the deck back on. The part that took the longest was the last latch. It snapped back at an angle and got stuck. I finally resorted to a hammer and a crow bar to pull it back out.

    YOUTUBE: less than 10 minutes
    REALITY: 4 hours with 2 guys.

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    The guy in the video probably has done it many times before. The first time I changed a transmission on a car I used YouTube & it took 1/2 a day. I bought the tranny at a junk yard & it was no good.
    Had to change it again. Believe it or not it took 4 transmissions before I got a good one. By the 4th one I was changing it in 2 hours with no problem because I knew exactly what to do. The more you do it...the more natural it becomes & the easier & faster it gets....That Simple.

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