Zinc toxicity? Nute burn? Pics!!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by rev, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Hiya all. This is a double post. Don't know if i'm breaking some rule by doing this.. If so, lemme know.

    My 3 taller, ridgier plants are experiencing some sort of toxicity I'm afraid. Lower leaves are turning crispy from tips inward. When I touch'em they crumble Could be Mag or Zinc tox?
    They're under a 250 MH, 24/7 organic soil, been ferted twice with 1.2 tsp/gal earth juice grow. @ first I though it was just rust spots from water drops. It stayed contained for a while. now its slowly and methodically spreading up.

    I'm disappointed: they smell the most potent. I still don't know what they are for sure, but they are harder to grow than my others! I have them separated from the others on account of the possibility of it not being a nute toxicity, but a fungal/pest thing. I've never had luck w/ flushing, it always shocked the shit outta 'em...

    1st pics are healthier, BB plants in same enviro. but w/ a 400mh. 2nd 2 are all different, unknown but simular strain judging from smell, appearence, and disease. [all have same condition.] they came as freebies from amsterdam. any ideas? Disease must be a genetic disagreement w/ nutes, enviro, etc...

    any ideas are greatfully acknowledged.


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    thanx. btw it wasn't exactly a double post, I changed some stuff around, but understood...

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    no prob.
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    zinc tox?
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    ASD if you read this....click the link in dutch lovers post....
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    What's your pH?

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